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Darren Tracy

Dip. H Sc. (RM) RT. ST.

Suite 3

201 Mann Street

 Gosford NSW 2250

Ph: 02 4321 0734

Mo: 0402 688 012


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Darren Tracy Dip. H Sc. (RM) RT. ST.


Darren has been practising Remedial Massage and Sport Therapies for over 20 years, originally working at events such as iron man and various triathlons and marathons.

His special interest is diagnosing and treating soft tissue injuries and muscle strains whether from sporting events or just day to day life, using a combination of Remedial Massage, Trigger point Therapy, Dry Needling (Acupuncture) Corrective Stretching and Core Strengthening and Hot stone Massage.


Darren completed a ‘Diploma of Health Science’ in Remedial Massage / Sports Therapies / Remedial Therapies, with an elective of Chinese Medicine. Treating with an emphasis on anatomy & physiology Darren also believes in the connection between mind and body and the ability for the body to heal itself.


Darren is dedicated to treating each person as an individual, each with unique treatment requirements and he prides himself on treating conditions quickly and efficiently. With a 16 year background in fitness, stretching and martial arts, combined with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and many years of practical treatment experience, Darren utilizes this knowledge to effectively treat conditions such as; Lower back pain / Sciatica / neck & shoulder pain such as wry neck & frozen shoulder / tennis elbow / golfers elbow / shin splints / plantar fasciitis / R.S.I / headache / stress & anxiety / fibromyalgia.