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I was unable to lift my arm higher than my shoulder and it hurt. The doctor called it frozen shoulder and I was told it would take 12 months to fix with Physio. I started physio but it wasnt helping. After about 3 sessions with Darren I was able to lift my arm straight up with no more pain. Thanks Darren.


Maree Imbruglia

Since developing chronic hamstring tendonitis 4 years ago, Darren has helped manage my pain through remedial massage and therapeutic stretching.


His ongoing treatment during this period has enabled me to continue with light training and has made my injury easier to live with. I credit Darren with making a real difference to the way my mind and body feels every day.


Karen Scott

I was suffering from very painfull shins when training for my seventh marathon Darren diagnosed it as shin splints and used remedial massage and dry needling to aleviate my pain and after about 5 sessions with him the problem was completely gone. Now I just get monthly massages to help stay on top of things, I would highly recomend Darren. 


Jim Martin

I had been suffering from lower back pain for years and I thought I would never be completely pain free again. I had  tried various other treatments and sometimes got some relief. But after several treatments with Darren I felt completely pain free for the first time in ages.    


Geoff Wallace